Welcome to DJ WinSmart

DJ WinSmart is a website creation services specializing for smart websites with using HTML5 and jQuery technologies. We have a wide range of website packages to be selected in accordance with the business and your needs :Professional Plan, Business Plan, and E-Commerce Plan

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Professional Plan

Professional Plan: Website Plan corresponding to the needs of professional workers such as doctors, lawyers, singers, models, artists and etc

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Business Plan

Business Plan: Website plan used from small companies to large enterprises, typically used for company profile and managerial systems company

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E-Commerce Plan

E-commerce Plan: Website Plan used for the sale, useful for online stores, tour and travel, cinema, and other retail companies

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Our Services

Our services include Websites developer, registration, renewal domain and hosting, both for the National (co.id, sch.id, etc.) or International (com, org, net, etc.) and creation of websites according to the chosen website plan

Pelayanan jasa Websites kami meliputi pembuatan situs,pendaftaran dan perpanjangan domain dan hosting, baik untuk dalam (co.id,sch.id, dll) maupun luar negeri (com, org, net, dll) dan pembuatan website sesuai dengan paket website yang dipilih.

Email Regisration Account/Pendaftaran akun Email

(English) Free registration services email account with an account in accordance with the chosen domain and also in accordance with the storage capacity of the selected website plan

(Indonesia) Gratis jasa pendaftaran akun email dengan akun sesuai dengan domain yang dipilih dan juga sesuai kapasitas simpan dengan paket website yang dipilih

Privacy Protection/Pengamanan data Pribadi

(English) All documents and images of the customer database also get full protection for the duration of the contract and the renewal websites maintenance contract

(Indonesia) Segala dokumen dan gambar juga database dari pelanggan mendapatkan perlindungan secara penuh selama masa kontrak dan perpanjangan kontrak pemeliharaan situs

16x7 Maintenance Support/16x7 dukungan pemeliharaan situs

7 days and 16 hours of site maintenance support in the form of additions and changes of pictures and documents at the site

7 hari dan 16 Jam dukungan pemeliharaan situs berupa penambahan dan perubahan dari gambar dan dokumen yang ada di situs

Free Domain Registration/Gratis Pendaftaran nama Domain

free domain registration services in the first year according to the package of sites and domains of customer choice, given three options domain names in accordance with the customer's company name

gratis jasa pendaftaran domain di tahun pertama sesuai paket situs dan pilihan domain dari customer, diberikan 3 opsi nama domain sesuai dengan nama perusahaan customer

Easy to use Control Panel/Panel Kontrol yang mudah digunakan

For specific package customers are given access to a control panel that is easy to use, and customers are given full rights to change the control panel and become the sole responsibility of the customer

Untuk Paket tertentu pelanggan diberikan akses ke panel kontrol yang mudah digunakan, dan pelanggan diberikan hak penuh untuk mengubah panel kontrol dan menjadi sepenuhnya tanggung jawab pelanggan

Free Hosting Registration / pendaftaran Hosting gratis

Free registration server hosting in the first year according to the package selected sites, after that, the cost of hosting servers will be combined with the annual site maintenance contract

Gratis pendaftaran hosting server di tahun pertama sesuai dengan paket situs yang dipilih, setelah itu, biaya hosting server akan digabungkan dengan kontrak pemeliharaan situs tahunan